My Winter Story…from resistance to presence

For me, winter has been a season to just “get through”. I have pined for summer’s heat long after the season of sandals and swimming has passed; all the while, the opportunity to be present to where I am and what “is” has been lost in a dream of warmer days and sunnier climes.

That all changed last week when I played tour guide to two dear friends from India who experienced our beautiful city, Vancouver, almost exclusively in the rain. It was the mystery of the Musqueam welcome pole outside the Museum of Anthropology that made me think about how such treasures last for hundreds of years throughout hundreds of winters and layers of rain, ice and snow.

So, I have made it my early New Year’s resolution to kindle a, dare I say, warmer relationship with winter this year. This photo is from our “backyard” in Naramata, the Kettle Valley rail line, a favourite route we take in every season. More walking in quiet contemplation is my winter medicine, while embracing appropriate winter footwear sooner and without resistance. I’ll let you know how it goes…

More walking in quiet contemplation is my NEW winter medicine...

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