Circling the Sun… a Four Season Journey for Women


Why a Four Season Program?

Circling the Sun ~ A Four Season Journey

Returning home from a retreat experience can be a very moving time. Some women tell me that they feel a renewed confidence and aliveness; ready to take on difficult pieces with gusto. They’re “on fire” with a strong resolve to change how they relate to themselves, their family or co-workers. Others feel both excited and also fearful and unsure about whether they can actually follow through with the new intentions they have set for themselves. Personally, I have had both experiences and so has every other person I have known on this journey. When the realities of life confront us, our intention to stay present and “in” ourselves is tested at every turn and it really helps to have on-going support and reassurance.

My own journey into mindfulness and intimacy was significantly deepened when I  committed to my first year long program with a small group of fellow travellers. Journeying together with others gave me comrades, as well as my teacher, to lean on, feel supported by, and be accountable to.

Over and over again, I hear from women in my groups that they are hungry for a similar continuity of support that will assist them to sustain their practice and personal growth. When I turned 60 this year, I realized that my urge to work with others in this way has deepened. Responding to this request and urge, I decided to offer a year long program. Thus, Circling the Sun… a Four Season Journey Inwards for Women came to be.  

What you can expect…

My offer is to gently and persistently invite you to stretch and challenge yourself to follow your own inner urge to move and grow. Together with your Circling the Sun “sisters” you will be supported to move through the fear and self judgment that keeps all of us stuck. I will share what I have learned from the wonderful teachers who have helped me and what I have seen to be helpful with the people I have served myself. And, of course, we will continue to have fun, eat very well, move our bodies and share the joys and sorrows of life, as women have throughout the ages. Read More about Women’s retreats.

Here’s what the program includes: 

• Four Seasonal Weekend Residential Retreats of 3-4 days –  all accommodations, delicious healthy meals, and art materials*. Each retreat will have a different thematic focus, specific grounding and mindfulness practices, rituals, creative art and voice work. Participants will choose their own on-going creative project as an “out of the head” vehicle for personal exploration.  One retreat will be held on Bowen Island and three on the lake in Naramata in the sunny Okanagan of B.C.

Dates: Winter- January 8-10th at Rivendell, Bowen Island, B.C.
Spring-  April 15th-17th at Marga’s Studio in Naramata, B.C.
Summer – July 15th -18th (3 nights) at Marga’s Studio
Fall- October 14th-16th at Marga’s Studio

 20+ hours of Group Phone Sessions  –  One hour calls scheduled approx. twice monthly. These optional calls offer each woman
an opportunity to check in with Nancy and her group mates. Each call will have a followup theme that has emerged through the retreat work and individual needs that arise.

 Continuous email support and special project feedback whenever needed. I find this a very effective way to keep current with challenges and victories as they arise.

• Personal Journal and written course material

• Optional personal sessions at reduced cost

• A Celebratory Afternoon to Close the Circle in December 

*Please Note: Although participants are encouraged to take part in all activities, I recognize that we have busy lives and conflicts arise. Therefore, all activities are optional. Limited space of 10 women in this program. Circling the Sun group members have priority and guaranteed spots in the Circling the Sun retreats. If there is extra space in any individual retreat, other women may be welcomed to join at a negotiated rate. For 2016, our meals will be prepared by delightful “foodies” with love in their kitchens, allowing members more personal time to reflect, write etc.

TO REGISTER: This program is FULL for 2016. Please call 604-266-6785 or email to be added to the notification list for other retreats in 2017.

Cost for 2016: $1800 for the year long program (includes all meals, accommodation, art materials and group calls) if paid in full by Dec.15th. Otherwise $1900 with postdated cheque payment plan.

For some idea what 2014 looked like: Bowen venue may change for 2016.


WINTER ~ January  8th- 10th, 2016    – 3 days

Rivendell Retreat Centre

Rivendell Retreat Centre

Our four season journey begins at Rivendell Retreat Centre on Bowen Island, B.C. a 25 minute ferry trip from Vancouver.

Looking Inwards”-   Focusing on the “personal” and setting intentions for the year’s  journey
–   Invoking the Hindu Goddess Shakti ~ New Beginnings and the Feminine Energy

Three Day retreats begin at dinner on Friday evening and end Sunday afternoon in time for and afternoon ferry from Bowen Island.  READ MORE

SPRING ~ April 22nd-24th  – 3 days

Maria’s Studio, Naramata, B.C.

The Emerging Self” – Focusing on Renewal and holding the tension between the “light” and “dark”
– Invoking the Greek Goddess Demeter ~ The Great Mother; Nurturing  READ MORE

SUMMER ~ July 15th – 17th    – 4 days

Marga’s Studio, Naramata, B.C.

Unknown-7  Marga’s Studio, Indian Rock, Naramata, B.C.  This is our home in the sunny        Okanagan, right on the lake. Bring your swim suit!

Embracing our Golden Selves” –  Focus on Creativity ~ art and nature
–  Invoking the Celtic Goddess Brigit ~ Art, Creativity and Inspiration

AUTUMN ~ October 14-16th   – 3 days

Marga’s Studio, Naramata, B.C.

Marga's Studio

Marga’s Studio

Theme: “Closing the Circle”  – Celebrating the Journey
– Invoking the Buddhist Goddess of Kwan Yin ~ Compassion and Mercy

December Celebration Gathering – Date TBD

Join me for a Four Season Journey in the arms of a sacred circle of women in 2016.
Give yourself the gift by calling me at 604-266-6785  or


What women say about working with Nancy:  (see more)

Nancy has helped, guided and supported me in such a deep way over the past 6 years. I would highly recommend her work for any woman looking to gain deeper intimacy with themselves and move forward into their greatest potential. This line up of retreats and their locations is juicy!   ~ Kathleen

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