Mindfulness and Intimacy


Mindfulness is the practice of being present; the moment to moment, non-judgmental awareness of how our thoughts, feelings and habitual patterning affect our behaviour.


Intimacy is the experience of a vulnerable and caring relationship with oneself or another, involving the feeling, expressing and receiving of authentic emotions.

The practice of Mindfulness & Intimacy helps us to cultivate an authentic sense of self and enhances our ability to be present, listen and communicate effectively. With less judgment and blame, we can find our way to more satisfying and nurturing relationships. If you feel an urge to change, as I did, this work may be helpful 
for you.

Through sharing these practices, I have witnessed numerous people awaken in  themselves a greater capacity for passionate, intimate relationships… more than they ever imagined. Every process and practice I share with my clients, I also use personally.

In my Mindfulness and Intimacy Training we explore the workings of our minds and the uncharted territory of our emotional selves. With patience, determination and the courage to be present, it is possible to experience life, with all its ups and downs, in a more genuine and passionate way.