What Nancy Offers

Nancy provides training in the practice of Mindfulness & Intimacy for adults dealing with the normal challenges of life.

“My goal is to facilitate, support and assist women and men, to actively explore their relationships 
with themselves and others. My role is to offer clients options, strategies and practices 
to help then experience more Mindfulness, Intimacy and overall Wellbeing in their lives, through gentle caring and compassionate guidance.

In order to accommodate distance learning and busy schedules, I do offer some sessions on the telephone,  Skype or Zoom online platforms.


Personal sessions are designed to facilitate a client’s individual journey and when appropriate, as a supportive followup to a group experience.. I work with women and men one on one, in 60 to 90 minute sessions in my home office. READ MORE


Private couple/ family sessions are designed to explore paths to deeper intimacy in partnership and family constellations. Couple/Family sessions are 60-90 mins in length and can take part in person or on SKYPE/Zoom online platforms if appropriate.  READ MORE


The exploration of Mindfulness, Intimacy and Wellbeing in a group setting can be a very potent and enriching experience. My workshops provide a supportive & confidential group environment in which the exploration of self and the deepening of relationships can occur. Often I invite another facilitator to join me and find the collaborative experience is particularly enlivening.  READ MORE


Nancy offers training in her researched based Mindfulness Education (ME) Program for educators, counsellors and parents. The program is comprised of 12 units with mindfulness practices and suggested activities which can be taught over a school year or in after school programs.

Learning to quiet the mind

“How to think with purpose and clarity is a skill that needs to be taught to children as early as possible. The same applies to learning how to identify, 
feel and express emotions effectively….”      READ MORE