Women’s Retreats

Join Mindfulness and Intimacy coach Nancy Mortifee for deeply enlivening retreats of personal exploration and spiritual practice for women.

Together we explore the issues that many women share:

  • Learning to uncover and express feelings in the safety of a confidential and sacred circle.
  • Sharing the challenges and joys of re-inventing ourselves in relationships, families and work life.
  • Deepening our spiritual life though meditation, stretching, music and movement and voice.
  • Discovering new avenues for creative expression using a variety of materials such as clay, collage, masks and textiles. (All of   our work is experiential and every activity and process is voluntary).
  • Relaxing into beautiful natural surroundings and enjoying delicious healthy meals.

I invite adult women of all ages with varying interests and life experiences. The common thread is our desire to know and express ourselves more fully in life and to receive from one another as women have always done. Past participants report a renewed sense of aliveness after the retreat, gaining new insights and the possibility of personal change. The work is grounded and practical for real life in the world.

“My role is to hold the space for each and every woman to do their own work, in their own way.  

My practice isn’t about sensational “breakthroughs” or enormous life “transformations”, although some women do experience them.

Rather,through sensitive and gentle exploration we chip away at some of the defense patterns and life limiting attitudes that keep us from a fuller and freer expression of who we are.

We celebrate what it means to be a woman at every stage of our lives, laugh a lot and support one another through the grief and frustration of life’s inevitable transitions and change. Sometimes the group experience can be truly magical.”  Nancy

 An Endorsement

“I want to endorse the Women’s Mindfulness& Intimacy Retreats led by Nancy Mortifee.

 When women come together with time to reflect and share and with an intention to heal and grow, miracles can happen. Nancy has long been on the journey that leads to a deeper understanding of self. She is a women of love, integrity and warmth. Time spent with her can only lead to greater inner freedom and joy. I feel excited when I imagine all that will transpire as women gather with Nancy to travel deeper”

  Ann Mortifee 
- Author of  “In Love with the Mystery” and member of the Order of Canada.


What women say about Nancy’s retreats:

“Nancy has helped, guided and supported me in such a deep way over the past 6 years. I would highly recommend her work for any woman looking to gain deeper intimacy with themselves and move forward into their greatest potential. This line up of retreats and their locations is juicy!

 “I can truly say it exceeded all my expectations and was a much needed tonic at this time of challenge and crossroads in my life”

” I moved more in three days that in 10 years of therapy”

“… it was your exercises and the entire experience that allowed me to come clean and flush all of my pain and fears. I truly feel a new freedom, a new energy has taken over my heart. I feel like I have taken my power back.”

“I am still feeling glow of the work, the intention and loving circle that you created. It really was powerful energy medicine.”

 “Good teachers are hard to find: Nancy Mortifee is one of the best. In our work together, Nancy has helped much change take root and grow within me. She is a deeply compassionate and insightful listener, an ideal companion in the journey toward self-knowledge, truth and change.”